Surviving 2012 and Beyond

living without society - D.I.Y.

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To find official reports on the condition of our home - Earth.

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In this changing world where the climate extremes and earthquake activities are becoming documented as reaching over the normal levels, it is a wise choice to prepare rather than 'wait and see'. Be it the 2012 fear or global warming, something is going on and proof is throughout research and the news.

Learning how your life can still be run without depending on society is the biggest preparation you can make. Not knowing is humanities biggest weakness.

To be dependent on others for your food, water, medicine or any other 'must need to survive item' puts you in a group that will only survive if others survive and can reach you. We have seen wide spread damage ranging over multiple States and destroying multiple Cities all in one storm, think of the wait that those folks have while rescue workers tend to all of them. Now picture the wait if multiple storms, or disasters happen at the same time. It's not that far from fiction with what we all are seeing now!

Learn how to filter water. Learn herbalism. Learn what is eatable around your area. Learn how to build your own power source. Learn how ancient humans lived. Regardless of where you get this information, either from this book or by other means, learn how to get things done without others helping.

Make knowledge one of your supplies. DON'T DEPEND ON SOCIETY!!!

This site shares details on the book 'Surviving 2012 and Beyond' By J.R. Caron. Teaching ways to remove dependency from society and help live without the worry of a crippled society.


Surviving 2012 and Beyond

The contents of this book shares knowledge from the way of life for J.R Caron and his family. The information in this book is actually being performed by the author and is detailed from a hands on view point. The best way to get things done is to know how to do-it-yourself.

Although they hold the knowledge for this way of life they encourage all to continue using society as a benefit, just don't become fully dependent on it.




Surviving 2012 and Beyond (living without society)                        By J.R. Caron

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